Vastushastra for home improvement

Published: 19th August 2010
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To really understand Vastushastra, we have to put God, the Almighty in the closet first. Then we can get on with the scientific aspects. It is summer not because God likes to see people wearing sunglasses; it is winter because God wants to promote woolens. Summer and winter are only fleeting images of nature's unending motions. The sun, which is the source of all life on the planet, is also a silent killer. The effects of exposure to radiation may not be evident until late in life. These effects include a shortened life span and an increased probability of developing some diseases.
Radiation can also affect a person's genes. Unlike ultraviolet rays, the effects of radiation on the human body depend on the intensity. UV rays can penetrate clouds too. If it was not for the ozone layer there would be no life on the planet. This effect of radiation can be contained and here is where our house comes in. Vastushastra takes into account the effect of radiation when it conceptualizes architecture. If you still cannot believe that the whims of the sun can affect your health, take the example of solar eclipse. It has been certified harmful for pregnant woman. It has a bearing on the foetus and the woman both. Humans, like other organisms, are only products of countless, unending chemical reactions. A slight change in the chemical balance can make a big difference.
Again, I am going to ask you to look at your house as a shelter which is supposed to protect you from the known and unknown forces. Your home is static. It would be really nice if your house could run to the shade of the tree in the afternoon. Since this is not possible or practical, a house should be designed in such a way that windows and all sources of ventilation absorb as many positive rays as possible and the walls protect you from protect you from the harmful rays.
This is one of the chief reasons why Vastushastra stresses on positioning. Vastu might seem to be concerned only with prosperity, health, insanity and death. But my research shows that it is also concerned with latitudes and the path of sun. In India, as per vastu, the northeast is the best direction and the southwest is the worst. Why? Because the sun is furthest from the Indian subcontinent when it is to the NE and is closest when it is to the SW.
As per solar architecture, on the Indian subcontinent, NE is to be kept open and SW is to be blocked using a storeroom, bathroom etc. and this is exactly what Vastu also says.
Our sages certainly had the vision to understand the behavior of Nature. They must have taken into account the effects of radiation when they were conceptualizing the tenets of architecture.

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