Published: 17th August 2010
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Vastu, a very old Indian science of structure has recommended how mankind can stay in tune with nature and gain out of it without disturbing the eco-balance.

We are living in the world that Charles Dickens called "Hard Time". Pressure and Tension which go hand in hand to economic growth are eroding the value systems that were integral of our life. We find our self drawn towards the old value, which are contained in our epic and scripture. If we look at what is happening around during this current century, man in the name of development is indulging in the activities which are detrimental to the very existence of this, our beautiful planet earth and the ecosystem on the whole is getting disturbed.

When our Saints and Sages were aware of this fact then why we the present generation of human being who claims to have better knowledge of the law of science and nature are unable to realize it? And even if we do, we do not want to act upon it for petty short-term gains.

Vastu recommended one to stay in tune with the natural forces and get the best results in life. Today, again we are going to see which direction one should face when one is sitting in west corner of the office. West is a very weak corner in relation to the solar energies hence it can be termed as a weak area for a boss to sit as solar energies are not like magnetic energies where one has to have maximum difference between negative and positive to get the best result. Vastu says, it is always advisable to be in a positive solar location and have positive solar direction for optimum results.

As per Vastu, below are all eight directions for a boss if he is sitting in the west corner of the office:

1) North: As per Vastu, this is a good direction to face while working as it being a positive magnetic direction it will help one to take faster decisions.

2) South: As per Vastu, never face this direction while sitting in the west as south may make one take negative decisions or west may not allow one to take decisions at all and so it is recommended not to face south at all.

3) East: As per Vastu, it is a good direction to face but due to a negative location, positive effect of this direction will get minimized thus making the boss creative but indecisive and indecisive in business is never a good sign.

4) West: As per Vastu, to face and to sit in west leads to 100% no decision by the boss. The boss will never be able to take decision neither positive nor negative and by chance if he takes one it could be negative. If the boss is so indecisesive he will have to rely on somebody else to run the company which may be a very wrong thing to do.

5) Northeast: As per Vastu, this direction will nullify the negative effect of west location up to quite a bit and put the boss in a positive side but still not very positive. This would be the best direction for the boss to face in the given circumstances so it is advisable to turn your table and face northeast if your cabin is located in west.

6) Northwest: Again an average direction to face as per Vastu but if is is in the field of marketing then one can face this direction.

7) Southeast: Again an average direction as per Vastu and the only thing that this can do is nullifying some negative effects of west location so it is best to avoid this direction.

8) Southwest: Never face this direction while sitting in negative west locations as in vastu negative positive negative will never be positive.

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