Vastu Doctrines

Published: 16th February 2011
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In this hi-tech age of cellular phones and cyberspace, the seemingly superstitious doctrines of Vastu sound ridiculous. It is easy to disbelieve such rules as: Sleep with your head towards South. A person who vehemently opposes such prescriptions may be going home and wondering, 'Well if that is going to make me prosper- why not?' And that is greatest misconception about Vastu.

Vastu does not promise prosperity; it only suggests that one should live in tune with nature; so that one can be healthy; think positively; act wisely & ultimately succeed. There is no substitute for hard work!

Below are some of the important tenets of Vastushastra.

Vastushastra Tenets are for residential apartments & bungalows.

Living room should be to the north or northwest direction of the house.

A] Sofa set or sitting should be in North or Northwest of the living room.

B] Television & music system should be in Southwest or South of the living room.

C] Dinning table can be in Northwest / Southwest or to the southeast of the living room.

E] Storage if any can be kept in Southeast or South of the room.

Bedroom location should be based on user criteria.

Master's bedroom should be in Southwest or South of the house.

Children bedrooms should be in Southeast, East, & northeast of the residence.

Guest bedrooms can be in Northwest or North of the house.

A] Head location when sleeping should be in Southwest or South for Middle age people

B] Parent’s head [age above 55] should be in Southeast for sound sleep.

C] Children should keep their head in East and sleep but if the bedroom is located in North-East of the house then the head should be in South-East.

D] Wardrobe / Storage should be in West or South in the bedroom.

E] Dressing table can be in North or East.

Kitchen is a very important room of the house as per Vastushastra tenets.

Best location for the kitchen is Southeast but it is advisable to use this location as children’s bedroom so kitchen can be housed in northwest or west corner of the house.

A] Kitchen platform should be on southeast or south or east wall.

B] Cooking gas or burners or range should be facing south or east.

C] Drinking / cooking water should be in northeast or east or north location in the kitchen.

Storeroom should be located in southwest or west of your house.

Study room / Pooja room or area should be in northeast corner of the house or it could be in any corner but always face northeast or east when studying or praying, this helps in concentration.

Commercial premises

Office can be in any location but internally Vastushastra tenets are as follows & if followed properly, productivity of people using it will increase.

1] Cabin of Directors should be in southwest or south or east direction.

2] Marketing Department & conference room should be in northwest or west

location of the office.

3] R & D Department should be in west or east location of your office.

4] General staff office area should be in northeast.

5] Facing direction while working of directors should be northeast or east for

the effective results.

6] Staff should face north for better efficiency & west is also a good direction.

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