Importance of living room in interiors

Published: 04th March 2011
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Focal point of the house is normally in the center, is the location of living room. Its decor should express lifestyle of the family, as this is the most important and single largest space in the house.

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Living room serves first & foremost as a get-together place for the family either to dine or sit at least once a day, it also serves as entertaining area hence it should have adequate sitting space with comfortable sitting systems proper dinning facilities good adequate lighting & proper ventilation.

As living room is the center place where total family life and entertainment revolves it is important to decorate this space, which would give soothing effect and comfort, this room decor can also be slightly dramatic.

An ideal example of living room was requirement of one of my client in north Mumbai. A man full of life enjoyed throwing parties, wife also had regular tea & pot parties wanted their living room to match their life style not compromising on their family closeness, hence little dramatic living room was the need.

Keeping in mind the lifestyle of client a big living was designed in the center of the apartment it was achieved by combining two rooms along with their balconies because of amalgamations of rooms lot of architectural defects were created this defects instead of hiding I have used them as hi-liters, the low beam and columns defines different areas i.e. segregates dinning from sitting area, also created small platform with cast iron railing acts as a balcony. This columns & beam have been covered by strips of glass between teak woods moulding with florescent light from behind as highlighter in the room.

In sitting area a long two piece curved fabric sofa with long wooden leg forms a intimate sitting space, dinning side is kept open so as to enable extra sitting in case of additional requirement. The two corner of the room are fitted with up lighter at floor level behind medium sized Palm plants to create drama in the room.

Dinning area constitutes 50% of the total room, a glass dinning table with six chairs fills this area, and the low side unit forms a backdrop to dinning area. On the other side of the dinning table is a small raised balcony to house big rocking chair this raised platform is divided by cast iron railing. Balcony railing is of wood and etched glass.


To give feeling of vastness sofa open from below. Side & center table with glass top and slim wooden legs, Glass dinning table, glass balcony railing is provided so as not to block the vision.

Columns & beam visually dividing two areas i.e. living & dinning covered with glass strips & glass brackets with back lighting along with up lighter behind sofa creates a drama in the room.

Vastushastra; As per the tenets of vastu the living room should be in North West or North or West, as this is the room where no productive work is done hence the location recommended in vastu is the area not fit to have other important rooms like bedroom or kitchen.

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